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Meet the Team

Carolina Burd-Rocchinotti

Instructor & Tandem Pilot - Paragliding since 1986

Steven Burd

Instructor & Tandem Pilot - Paragliding since 1989

Dutton Dame

Instructor & Tandem Pilot - Paragliding since 2008

Peter Wallenda

Instructor & Tandem pilot - Paragliding since 1986

Susan Day

Instructor & Tandem Pilot - Paragliding since 2013

Carolina was pioneering the sport in South Africa together with Peter Wallenda in 1986. Being an instructor she has taught many people to fly. As a child she used to watch the hang gliders take off from high mountains in Switzerland and wished she could be one of them but was not allowed. When she became of age, she came to South Africa to live her dream. Married to Steve Burd they both share the passion of flying and have flown in various countries. For Carolina it is about freedom and being in nature. ‘This is as close as you get to being a 'Burd’ eeehee Bird!’

Steve started paragliding in Cape Town, when a climbing friend was sponsored a paraglider. Since then, he regards the experience as truly amazing, having been privileged to fly throughout Southern Africa and Europe. He is married to his Swiss Miss, Carolina and together they share their passion, which includes tandem paragliding. Nature and free flight is an experience he loves to share with his fellow passengers, believing that “from the air looking down, one gets a better perspective”

Dutton manages the repair and service centre for paragliding equipment besides instructing new students and flying commercial tandems.

Pete started the sport of paragliding in South Africa in 1986. He owns and manages a paragliding school and a repair & service center for paragliding equipment. He is also the chairman of SAHPA and is actively involved on a national level. Pete is an instructor & TFI pilot (tandem flight instructor) and has represented South Africa three times at the world championships.

Sue is our youngest member in the team and has been flying since 2013. She is our fun loving socialite and always up for a flight especially when she has someone to share it with. Sue is an instructor and commercial tandem pilot.

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BOOKINGS & INFO: +27 (0)67 405 0004

School of Paragliding