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How do I learn to Paraglide?

PARAGLIDING BASIC LICENSE COURSE: It’s easier than you think!!

After having done your instructional tandem flight, come and learn to fly yourself.  Parapente has been training students since 1987.  Both of your instructors have been flying for over 30 years and have an impeccable safety record.  We take what we do very seriously and promote safety at all times. We also train under the nationally recognised paragliding training body (SAHPA – South African Hang & Paragliding Association) which is affiliated to FAI internationally.

TRAINING COURSE LOCATION:   An amazing destination!!

The area that we train is in Wilderness/Kleinkrantz/Sedgefield in the Garden Route as this provides the safest area to train, spectacular scenery, great and varied flying besides also being a fantastic holiday destination. 


Prior to commencing training, we will need the following:

  • ·       student membership application form,
  • two colour passport photos, 
  • a copy of your ID (SA Citizen)/ Passport (Foreign Citizen), 
  • signed indemnity form and medical certificate which we will do together.

We need this to register you as a student with SAHPA. We will not be able to commence if you’ve not submitted these forms.  

 DURING THE COURSE:   Let’s go and fly!!

The days will be jam packed and we’ll be really busy getting as much flying done as possible, teaching you first hand.  We use face to face teaching, we also teach you on up to 5 tandem flights where you might fly with the controls and then the use of radio’s when you are flying solo.

We will start early on Monday morning with ground handling on the beach using our pull-up gliders and harnesses. This initial training is crucial to develop you into a competent and safe pilot.

Depending on the weather, we then move to the dunes at Kleinkrantz for ground skimming flights and low surface flying.  When you’re ready we’ll move onto higher and more advanced sites where you’ll be instructed on radio. Again, this will be weather dependent. The aim is to do a minimum of 35 solo flights during this time, if the weather permits. We also cover theory when it’s not flyable. The theory is important and will lay the foundation on which you will build your knowledge base to keep you safe.

We’ll be constantly chasing the right weather conditions and everything else will come second, even lunch. Pack some snacks and make sure that you stay hydrated with enough water and energy drinks of your choice. Good snacks include nuts, apples, bananas and biltong. As we’re out in the elements the whole day please come prepared with sun hat, sun cream, long sleeve top for sun protection, buff, swim wear, flip flops, trainers, shorts and something warm.

 AFTER THE COURSE:   Go Paragliding!!  

After the course, it is necessary to return the filled-in and signed student pack booklet (with carbon copy paper) without tearing anything out of it. Make sure that you’ve signed on every page. Also email the basic licence test to us after you’ve answered it in the Word file that will be provided to you before the course starts. We submit these documents to SAHPA and they send you your pilot’s licence along with your IPPI (International Pilot Proficiency Identification) card.

If you have any further questions, or wish to book yourself on a course please let us know. 

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+27 (0)67 405 0004

BOOKINGS & INFO: +27 (0)67 405 0004

School of Paragliding